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Sunhill Machinery adds line of jointer feeders

Sunhill Machinery, a manufacturer and importer of woodworking machines, is now selling the Joint-Mate line of jointer feeders from Co-Matic Machinery Co. of Taiwan. Billed as the first jointer feeders in the world, the three models are designed to provide consistent results, production efficiency and added safety. A variable-speed jointer feeder is available for 6" and 8" jointers, while four-speed jointer feeders are offered for 8" to 14" jointers and 12" to 20" jointers.

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“The feeder gives you a consistent speed and a nicer finish,” says Chen Sun, president of Sunhill Machinery. “When you use a push stick, you put unequal pressure on the jointer head. With the [feeder ’s] rollers there is only a small amount of equal pressure. It’s also faster than a hand feed and it’s safer because your hand is away from the cutter and the blade guard.”

The key to the Joint-Mate feeders is the roller system that features segmented aluminum studded rollers, which provide a “sure grip” and accommodate warped stock with light feeding pressure. The jointer feeders have a self-adjusting roller suspension of 1".

“The segmented spikes [studs] on the rollers are spring-loaded to grab on the board, keep the pressure on and feed the board through,” Chen says. “They do leave some marks on the wood, so after you joint it, you have to plane it.”

The Joint-Mate safety features include a row of anti-kickback fingers, and a front and enter safety guard.

The Joint-Mate for 6" and 8" jointers, model AF100J, has a 1/8-hp single-phase motor that operates with a variable speed of approximately 10 to 61 fpm. The machine has a housing width of 10", the roller is 5-1/2" wide and it has 156 studs. The jointer feeder accommodates stock up to 5" thick, weighs 60 lbs. and sells for $595.

The two larger models have similar specifications. Both machines operate with a 1/4-hp motor that is available with single- or three-phase power. Each has multiple speed rates of 21, 36, 42 and 72 fpm and can handle stock up to 5” thick. Model AF104J for 8" to 14" jointers has a housing width of 13", and a 6-1/2" roller with 192 studs. The power feeder weighs 75 lbs. and is priced at $875.

The largest version, model 114J, is for 12" to 20" jointers. It has a housing width of 17", and a roller width of 10" with 312 studs. The Joint-Mate AF114J weighs 84 lbs. and is priced at $1,295.

Contact: Sunhill Machinery, 1208 Andover Park E., Seattle, WA 98188. Tel: 800-929-4321.

This article originally appeared in the February 2009 issue.

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