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Striebig scores with new panel saw

The new Striebig Standard S features built-in scoring for a clean cut on both sides of the material.

The new Striebig Standard S features built-in scoring for a clean cut on both sides of the material.

Colonial Saw, the U.S. importer of Swiss-made Striebig vertical panel saws, announces the availability of a new vertical panel saw, the Striebig Standard S. The model features a new head configuration and carriage.

The saw, which became available to the company for distribution late last year, features new elements, most notably a built-in scoring feature so operators can achieve clean cuts, according to David Bull, Colonial Saw’s Striebig product manager.

“The primary attraction to this model is the scoring saw unit,” says Bull. “The traditional Sandard model was never able to incorporate the scoring saw. The scoring unit rides in front of the saw blade and scores the front of the panel with a true split-blade scoring sawblade. It allows for chip-free cuts on both sides of the material.”

The scoring feature, found on the brand’s other sliding table saws and computerized beam saws, will be beneficial to cabinetry and architectural millwork shops working with large, heavy panels and doors, according to Bull.

“The other attraction is it has a sleek and contemporary new look, with a fancy saw head and control panel for enhanced aesthetics. It also has some options that were also not available on the Standard level machine before,” says Bull.

“One is the new comfort premium package which includes the automatic pneumatic locking rollers, a Y-axis digital measuring system with motorized fine adjustment, and a laser light horizontal indicator.”

Other accessories include a wooden support wall and X-axis digital measuring system.

The Standard S starts at $46,900.

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This article originally appeared in the March 2018 issue.

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