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Straight-edge guides

BORA WIDE TRACK CLAMP EDGE series of straight-edge guides, from Affinity Tool Works, is available in five lengths (24”, 42”, 50”, 66” and 100”).

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The new 50” model is suited for cross-cutting sheets of plywood or sheet goods 48” in length, with two additional inches remaining to allow for angled cuts. The 24” clamp is commonly used as an auxiliary fence on band saws, router tables or drill presses.

The 42” clamp can be used as a straight-edge to assist in cutting doors and premade countertops, while the 66” clamp is ideal for cutting European-size plywood sheets and 60” fiber cement board. The 100” clamp can be used to rip sheet goods up to 8’ in length. The wide track clamps can also be used as a vise or bar clamp for gluing, according to the manufacturer. Contact: Affinity Tool Works. Tel: 866-588-0395.

This article originally appeared in the October 2011 issue.

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