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Stellar edgebander  can handle large parts


Atlantic Machinery Corp., the exclusive North American distributor for Vitap, has the Italian manufacturer’s new semi-automatic, entry-level Stellar contour edgebander.

“What sets the Stellar apart from other entry-level, stand-alone edgebanders is its movable support arm. This adjustable swivel arm is equipped with a vacuum pod that holds the panel in place, which allows for large panels to be edgebanded,” says Riccardo Azzoni, president of Atlantic Machinery.

“No longer does an operator need to struggle with large panel pieces to hold them in place. The articulated arm performs this part of the operation.”

The Stellar can apply edgebanding to panels with a thickness of 10 to 60mm. It has two tape feed speeds (3-7 meters/minute) and a glue pot with an electronic adjustable heating system.

Other Vitap contour edgebanders include three entry-level models and the Eclipse, a semi-automatic machine.

“The Stellar fills the gap between the two levels of machines,” says Azzoni. “On the Stellar we have the same concept of the Eclipse but without the top and bottom trimming unit. The Eclipse has a combination unit for the trimming, which is a separate application.”

The Stellar sells for under $27,000.

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This article originally appeared in the December 2017 issue.

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