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Steel City adds 10" granite-top cabinet saw

Steel City Tool Works continues to expand its line of machinery featuring granite with the addition of a 10" 1-3/4-hp cabinet saw. The single-phase saw, model 35920, has a 20" x 27" granite table top that, with wings, can be extended to 27" x 40". Steel City has previously introduced the granite surface on a 3-hp cabinet saw, 6" and 8" jointers, two mini-lathes and a 14" band saw.

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“Wherever the granite is applied, the benefits are obvious; the flatness is guaranteed for the life of the product,” says Jim McEntee, president of Steel City Tool Works. “It requires little if any surface protection or treatment other than the normal cleaning to get rid of any residue that might have built up on the saw surface. Then there is the durability factor, which is probably the biggest concern of a lot of people. There was always the concern about brittleness, breaking, that sort of thing. Cast iron and granite exhibit about the same amount of capability of absorbing a knock or a bang.

“The other factor with granite is that it adds a significant mass — or weight — to table saws, jointers or any other product that we are introducing with the granite. That adds to a little more vibration dampening, absorbing of any vibration that might cause a product to walk or move.”

As with all Steel City cabinet saws, the new 10" saw has cast-iron trunions mounted to the cabinet for increased stability and ease of adjustment. The saw also contains a quick-release riving knife and a built-in mobile base. As of Jan. 1, 2009, any new table saw produced in North America must have a riving knife feature.

“The interest level [in granite] technology has peaked tremendously and we have other manufacturers coming to us to obtain the opportunity to use granite in some of their products. You’ll see some of that happening over the next couple of months.”

In fact, Ridgid, General International and Sears Craftsman brands will be incorporating granite surfaces in some of their products within the next few months.

“Aside from what I would say about SawStop, I think you would agree that Steel City, in a short time frame, has brought out a lot of innovation in this category,” McEntee says. “None of the other companies have done that, but our hallmark is still innovation and we’re continuing to do that. You’ll see an expansion of granite in other applications.”

The Steel City Tool Works 10" cabinet saw, model 35920, retails for $649.99.

Contact: Steel City Tool Works. Tel: 877-724-8665

This article originally appeared in the July 2009 issue.

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