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South Bend presents new 20” planer with helical cutterhead


A new 20” planer from South Bend Tools, model SB1109, features a four-row helical cutterhead, with 96 indexable carbide inserts, and digital readout.

“Not only does this machine have a well-balanced spiral cutterhead, it also has a digital readout for the table height as well as a variable feed speed. This is achieved by adding a special motor with an inverter inside the frame, unseen by users. The quality of the components is all high-grade and the manufacturer is ISO 9001 certified for quality,” says Shiraz Balolia, president of South Bend, and the founder and CEO of Grizzly Industrial.

“The spiral cutterhead has many small carbide inserts that shear the wood in such a way that the tear-out is either eliminated or reduced dramatically. It also leaves an amazing finish on the wood that requires very little sanding. Plus, the noise level of a spiral cutter head is significantly lower.”

The planer runs on a 5-hp, single-phase motor and has the capacity to plane material up to 8” thick.

The feed speed is set from a pedestal-mounted control panel, and there’s a digital table height scale attached to the headstock.

The planer is 46-1/2” wide, 56” deep and 46” high. The cast iron table, with extensions, measures 20” x 56”. It sells for $4,195.

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This article was originally published in the May 2021 issue.

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