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SL-Laser Systems rolls out ProCollector

SL-Laser Systems, a German company with U.S. headquarters in Charlotte, N.C., introduced the ProCollector at IWF 2008. It’s a job-site measuring, templating and layout tool that can generate real-time CAD files.

Matt Chambers, the company’s national sales representative, says the device’s accurate multi-dimension measuring capabilities are a major feature.

“There are some other systems out there which are basically a 2-D laser. This actually adds a third dimension to it so you can capture information in three dimensions versus one plane,” says Chambers.

Chambers says measuring points are collected and saved by the device, and lines or curves are produced to connect the points.

The ProCollector can be operated by a single person and provides quick, accurate measurements for stairs, kitchen countertops, and architectural millwork installations, according to the company. It can also project user modifications back onto a targeted surface for instant visual guides for installation and manufacturing purposes.

The ProCollector comes with a wireless ProCommander hand-held controller, allowing operation of the laser from a distance.

The ProCollector produces a finished drawing that can be saved as a DXF file, ready for use in a CAD program. The starting price is $11,800, which includes the laser, a remote control, necessary cables and carrying case.

Contact: SL-Laser Systems LP, 8107 Q Arrowridge Blvd., Charlotte, NC 28273. Tel: 704-561-9990.

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