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Sioux launches new geared orbital sander

Sioux Tools recently added another tool to its Signature Series of powered hand tools. The Geared Orbital Sander is designed for heavy-duty work, such as large solid surface applications on wood, metal and marine industry products. Product manager Randy Thomas says the highlight of the sander is that it’s comfortable to use while working for extended periods of time, eliminating fatigue.

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“The performance is there, and we upgraded the design to improve ergonomics for today’s worker,” says Thomas, who indicated the sander will cover a vast range of applications, including heavy-duty leveling, sanding, blending or feathering for natural and man-made materials.

The orbital sander incorporates a 24-position grip, backed by a single-piece TPR (thermal plastic rubber) handle, with a built-in lever that reduces vibration. It includes a patented soft-textured grip that adjusts in 15-degree increments across 360 degrees, creating the perfect fit for virtually any hand. It rotates and locks into 24 positions for any hand shape, left or right.

The sander features a .45-hp motor featuring a balanced ball-bearing construction with a precision steel ring and drive gear. Bearings are shielded and virtually maintenance-free, with only the occasional air line lubrication needed, according to the company.

To engage or stop the motor, gently squeeze and release the handle. Molded finger indentations allow extended use, better grip and improved control.

A built-in thumb wheel adjusts speeds up to 900 rpm. The sander has a dust port and operates on 15 cfm. The rear-directional exhaust has a built-in muffler.

The sander sells for a starting price of $275 and is available in eight models. Options include 6" or 8" pad size, hook-and-loop or PSA pad, and central vacuum.

Contact: Sioux Tools, P.O. Box 1596, Murphy, NC 28906. Tel: 866-259-7291.

This article originally appeared in the April 2009 issue.

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