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ShopSabre presents ‘affordable’ Pro Series

ShopSabre, a U.S. manufacturer of CNC routers and plasmas, introduced a Pro Series model featuring a dual Y-axis ball-screw drive system with hidden Y-axis bearings for longer life and more precision. This drive system, combined with servomotors, allow shops of any size to be more efficient and profitable, says the company.

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“The new ShopSabre Pro Series is opening up a lot of capabilities for consumers to be able to do what they traditionally couldn’t do without spending a lot more money. Most machines competitively priced to this Pro Series don’t have the rigidity or drive-system technology that this table has,” product manager Brandon Bombardo says.

He adds the Pro Series is priced, starting at $30,000, to be affordable for startup and entry-level shops, while providing the strength, options and capabilities required by high-production manufacturers.

“This machine is for anyone, but it’s really going to make a difference in your small-to-medium production shops. It’s going to hit home with the one-to-five employee shop that doesn’t have the automation capabilities they may want,” Bombardo says.

The Pro Series is available with a 4’ x 8’ or 5’ x 10’ table, and options such as vacuum hold down, T-slots, auto tool changers, fourth axis, C-axis aggregates, vision systems, knife attachments and more.

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This article originally appeared in the March 2016 issue.

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