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ShopBot automatic tool changer

SHOPBOT AUTOMATIC TOOL CHANGER is powered by an HSD ES915 5-hp spindle and is being sold as an option or an aftermarket addition to the company's PRSalpha CNC system.

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The ATC system includes the spindle, a pneumatically assisted Z axis, six- or eight-position tool bank, fixed-position Z-zero plate, chuck holder, pneumatically operated dust skirt and ATC interface card. A 4'-wide PRSalpha CNC can accommodate a six-position linear tool bank and a 5'-wide or larger PRSalpha can accommodate an eight-position linear tool bank. Installation of an ATC on a PRSalpha will not alter the tool's rapid transit speeds. ShopBot's new eCabinet/ShopBot link, which allows ShopBot to process eCabinet production files, will fully support the use of the ATC. Contact: ShopBot Tools Inc., 3333 Industrial Dr., Durham, NC 27704. Tel: 888-680-4466.

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