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Shop Fox rolls out new hybrid table saw

Woodstock International now offers the new Shop Fox 10” hybrid table saw, combining features from a contractor’s and cabinet saw with a 2-hp motor.

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Model W1837 features an enclosed upper cabinet for better dust collection and cast-iron trunnions mounted to the cabinet for long-lasting alignment, according to the company.

It also has a mobile base with built-in castors to move the 243-lb. saw. The cast-iron table measures 40-1/4” x 27”, but the extension wings are steel to keep the weight down.

Todd Ransom, the company’s quality and technical manager, explains how the machine is able to have all of its important features and still be light and mobile.

“A cabinet saw will have much heavier duty castings and other internal components. So, much like a contract’s saw, this machine would have lighter-duty internal components. Another thing is that the table on it is open on the right-hand side so by removing that area of cast iron, it’s lighter as well,” Ransom says.

The rip capacity is 30” to the right and 15” to the left. A riving knife offers protection for non-through cutting operations that require removal of the blade guard.

“The motor is 2-hp and pre-wired to operate on a standard 120-volt power supply, which is pretty much the largest size motor you can operate on single phase without going up to a 220-volt supply. That with the dust collection are the biggest features,” Ransom adds.

The saw sells for $1,050 and comes with a 40-tooth carbide-tipped blade, push stick, miter gauge, standard and dado table inserts, and arbor wrenches.

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This article originally appeared in the May 2016 issue.

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