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Shop Fox debuts 10" sliding table saw

Woodstock International introduced its Shop Fox 10" sliding table saw, model W1811, at IWF 2008. The 5-hp single-phase machine draws 22 amps and is capable of cutting sheet goods up to 78-1/2" wide x 63" long, using the sliding table and crosscut fence. The saw includes a standard rip fence for traditional table saw cuts with up to a 33" maximum ripping width and has a scoring blade that can be raised and lowered independent of the main blade, along with a riving knife and guard.

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The Shop Fox machine has a steel frame, aluminum sliding table and fences, hardened-steel rails, cast-iron trunnions, and sealed and lubricated ball bearings, according to the manufacturer.

“It’s designed for the small cabinet shop or the cabinet shop that needs a second sliding table saw with a smaller footprint,” says Bill Crofutt, quality control manager for Woodstock International. “The internal assembly is not like some of the other compact sliding table saws. This has a full set of cast-iron trunnions similar to a regular sliding table saw, while some of the European models only have what amounts to a hinge assembly.”

The versatile table saw cuts dadoes up to 13/16", and miters and bevels from zero to 45 degrees. The maximum depth of cut is 3-1/8" at 90 degrees and 2-1/4" at 45 degrees.

“One of things that makes it desirable is it’s a sliding table saw that fits in a much smaller space, whereas a full-size sliding table saw can take up a large portion of a small cabinet shop.” Crofutt says. “Full-size sheets of hardwood plywood can be practically unmanageable for one person. This allows a shop with limited floor space to cut their plywood into smaller pieces, even with a circular saw; then use this saw to very accurately cut to the final dimension.”

The 10" sliding table saw has a 25-1/2" wide footprint, which extends to 60" x 28" with legs. The 27" x 14-3/8" table expands to 47" x 40" with extension wings. The sliding table is 63" x 12-1/4". Dust collection is controlled by an overhead blade guard that incorporates a 2-1/2" dust hose and the machine also has a standard 4" main dust port.

The Shop Fox 10" sliding table saw, model W1811, from Woodstock International weighs 533 lbs., has a two-year warranty, local dealer support, and sells for $4,459.

Contact: Woodstock International Inc., P.O. Box 2309, Bellingham, WA 98227. Tel: 800-840-8420.

This article originally appeared in the December 2008 issue.

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