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Sherwin-Williams rolls out powder-coating system

Sherwin-Williams recently introduced Powdura Sprint, a low-cure, polyester resin-based powder coating system for use on medium-density fiberboard.

Powdura Sprint is a low-cure polyester resin-based powder coating system for use on MDF.

The system, aimed at the furniture, kitchen cabinet and general finishing markets, provides a high-quality finish that will save energy costs as it cures at temperatures as low as 250 F, according to the company.

Product manager Laura Kelleher says the product is ideal for custom woodworking shops taking on larger projects that might include working on MDF substrates. She emphasizes that it requires fewer coats than competitive powder-coating products, increasing line speed by up to 40 percent. The new finish also offers stain and moisture resistance, as well as a cost-effective alternative to traditional liquid and laminate coatings.

“Powdura Sprint saves manufacturers time and money while producing a quality finish on engineered wood substrates,” Kelleher says. “It offers manufacturers of MDF-based products an attractive alternative to traditional finishes while delivering higher performance levels than competitive powder coating offerings.”

Available in a wide range of solid colors as well as smooth and textured finishes, Powdura Sprint meets Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturing Association and American National Standards Institute standards.

“There are two basic texture variations: smooth and sand. However, the levels of smoothness and texture can vary, depending on the board or application. Solid colors including whites, red and yellow are available,” Kelleher says.

Contact: Sherwin-Williams. Tel: 800-474-3794.

This article originally appeared in the December 2014 issue.

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