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Senco updates auto-feed screwdriver line

Originally launched in 2001, the updated line includes three corded and three 18-volt cordless models.

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“The main reason woodworkers like these is they can help improve efficiency, especially in an industrial setting where you can drive a whole lot more screws in a shorter period of time,” product manager Mike Desmond says. “There are 50 screws on a plastic strip that’s automatically indexed into position. There’s a whole safety element because it allows one hand to be free and you don’t have to deal with dropping a lot of screws.”

“I know in a lot of woodworking applications it’s very useful to be able to hold the workpiece with one hand while driving screws with the other, whereas if you’re doing them loosely you have to clamp everything together and use both hands — one to hold the screw on the end of the bit and the other one to drive it forward.”

The drivers also feature a locking depth of drive adjustment and Senco’s patent-pending corner-fit feed system for better access and screw placement in tight spaces. There is also a tool-free screw length adjustment (1” to 2”) and a belt hook.

The tools are ergonomically designed for use with one hand, while a second, cushioned second hand grip helps minimize wrist and arm fatigue by reducing the exertion needed to complete each drive, according to the company.

The corded versions sell from $129 to $159. The cordless models, which come with two lithium-ion batteries, sell for $249 to $279. .

Contact: Senco Brands Inc. Tel: 513-388-2000.

This article originally appeared in the February 2014 issue.

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