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Self-set planer and jointer knives

SELF-SET planer and jointer knives, from Dispoz-A-Blade, provide instant, accurate and economical knife changes in almost every popular machine.

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Unlike every other quick-change knife system, the Self-Set knife installs in your machine's original cutterhead without the need to buy and install a costly special cutterhead. Self-Set knives require no machine modifications or the use of jack screws, springs, setting gauges, jigs or measuring tools. Instead, they take advantage of the company's disposable double-edge inserts, available in either HSS or Kobalt steel. The time it takes to change knives has now been reduced to the time needed to loosen the cutterhead gib bolts, replace the dull edge and retighten, according to the company. Contact: Dispoz-A-Blade LLC. Tel: 800-557-8092.

This article originally appeared in the March 2011 issue.

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