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Scribe-Master Cope-Pro reaches North American market

After two years of market success in the United Kingdom, the Scribe-Master Cope-Pro jig is available in the U.S. and Canada.

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“If you’ve ever used one of those hand-coping tools with either plastic or metal pins that you push against any molding to replicate its profile, then you’ll quickly grasp the principles of the Scribe-Master Cope-Pro jig. Add a router to do the cutting and you’ve got a powered coping system,” Scribe-Master Ltd. Marketing director Paul Thomas says.

The pre-assembled jig features stainless-steel combs, used to make a profile from a sample molding. The combs are then turned over and a copy pin follows the contour as the router makes the cut.

“To aid the fast setting of each corresponding cope, there are two holes on the exit side of the cutter position to fit a sacrificial block. After making an initial cut, this becomes the reference for any further work, so you can quickly mark up from premeasured calculations with precision,” Thomas says.

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The jig mounts to a miter saw stand with an optional kit or can simply be placed on a work surface. It accommodates left or right copes and is adjustable for warped boards, according to the company.

The jig comes with 3/16” diameter spiral flute cutter. A tenon attachment is sold separately.

The Scribe-Master Cope-Pro sells for $399.

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This article originally appeared in the June 2016 issue.

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