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SCM adds work capacity with new Accord 50FX

High capacity is key to SCM’s new Accord 50FX, which was launched in April. Featuring 5-axis technology, the machine is architecturally designed for routing and drilling complex shaped or large-sized objects made of solid wood as well as composites, plastics, light alloys and more.

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The 50X is an upgraded version of the Accord 40FX with an increased vertical axis stroke that allows for processing of taller workpieces and using tools with larger dimensions. It is ideal for work on millwork applications with parts up to 500mm or about 20” tall, according to the company.

“For (the wood) industry, that could involve columns, radius work and large components for stairways like handrails and stringers. It can also process laminated beams or solid blocks of wood,” product manager Karl Frey says.

The 5-axis machining head features a rotation speed between 12,000 and 24,000 rpm. Different motors, starting at 18 hp, are available.

The frame features a mobile gantry with a fixed worktable. Options include a flat aluminum table for manual clamping or a pod and rail table that can be automatically managed through software.

“It’s a heavy-duty machine, so basically we introduced it with both a flat table and pod and rail to capture other industries where traditionally we would have had to go to a much larger machine. We are bridging a gap between the traditional V-axis heights of 10” or less and frequently taking a jump to 36” or more. This machine can be available as three axis,” Frey says.

A dedicated cutting blade can be fitted, either in a fixed position or with an adjustable angle up to 90 degrees.

The machine comes with Xilog Maestro CAD/CAM software, developed by SCM for easy programming. It includes Maestro 3D for creating 3-D objects and Maestro ProView that calculates production costs.

The Accord 50FX has a base price of about $190,000.

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This article originally appeared in the June 2016 issue.

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