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SawStop rolls out new job-site table saw

SawStop is introducing a job-site table saw with the company’s patented safety device, which detects contact with skin on the blade, then stops and drops the blade in less than five milliseconds.

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Product manager Matt Howard says the company wanted to expand into the portable category and the new saw features a host of innovations that increase accuracy, save time and improve results.

“One big innovation with this new saw is that it takes only one turn to raise or lower the blade, where a typical portable saw takes about 25 turns, which is very tedious. This is substantial because it makes it much easier for the operator to get their work done,” Howard says.

The 15-amp, 10” saw has a 1-1/2-hp universal motor, Poly-V belt drive and T-style fence. The saw alone weighs 79 lbs., but can be rolled to the job site with a folding cart sporting 8” treaded wheels.

It’s a left-tilt saw with a riving knife, low-profile blade guard, tool-free zero-clearance insert and a several micro-adjust features. For example, the blade can be tilted in 1-degree increments and fine-tuned in 1/2-degree increments.

The saw weighs 108 lbs. with the rolling cart.

The fence can be extended for 25-1/2” cuts, thanks to a pair of telescoping guide rails. SawStop makes use of the empty space between the extended fence and table with a pullout shelf for work support. The shelf lifts up to reveal a handy storage drawer.

The company says a dado blade insert for the saw is coming soon.

The saw, available in March, sells for $1,299.

Contact: SawStop. Tel: 866-729-7867.

This article originally appeared in the February 2015 issue.

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