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SawStop adds a portable saw

SawStop’s new Compact Table Saw.

SawStop’s new Compact Table Saw.

SawStop is expanding its lineup with the new 10” Compact Table Saw, which should be available this fall.

“We’ve had this saw in our sights for a long time,” says SawStop CEO Matt Howard. “We knew we needed to provide a more portable solution. We have the jobsite saw so far, but some people wanted a smaller product, something they can pick up and carry around, and the jobsite saw is a little bigger. So, we’re excited to be in this space.

“We have many cabinetmakers and other furniture builders who have SawStop cast-iron products that they rely on daily. They go out to the site, they install and build on site, and we want to make sure they have SawStop choices.”

The saw weighs 68 lbs. and features SawStop’s patented safety system, which stops a spinning blade on contact with skin.

“In this case, it takes the same (replacement brake) cartridge as our industrial cabinet saw,” says Howard. “It makes it flexible for somebody that has multiple saws in different places. Maybe you just want to own one or two extra cartridges, but you have three SawStop saws. They can all use the same cartridge.”

Other features include a 120-volt/15-amp universal motor, rack-and-pinion fence, and ‘Quick-Tilt’ bevel adjustment.

It offers a maximum depth of cut of 3-1/8” at 0 degrees and 2-1/8” at 45 degrees, and a 24-1/2” rip capacity. The table surface measures 23” wide and 22-5/8” deep, according to SawStop.

Howard says more new products are on the horizon. “SawStop’s current product development roadmap is the most ambitious in our company history. We have many new exciting debuts coming in the following years.”

The Compact Table Saw, model CTS-120A60, has an MSRP of $899. For more, visit

This article was originally published in the September 2022 issue.

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