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Sames Kremlin debuts FPro Gravity spray guns at AWFS


Sames Kremlin introduced the FPro Gravity (FPro G) spray gun series in June, a manual airspray system offered in HVLP, LVLP and conventional setups.

“The FPro G is the most innovative airspray gravity gun on the market with the patented Vortex and the magnetic assisted trigger,” says product manager Mike Malavolti. “The Vortex starts spinning the coating as it comes out of the gun, pre-atomizing it before the air breaks it up even more, producing the finest atomization possible.

“The magnetic assisted trigger and the cup location make this a well-balanced, easy to trigger gun for all day use with little or no operator fatigue. It’s great for spraying just about any coating and for those higher viscosity coatings. A GSP kit can be added to any of our FPro gravity guns. The GSP kit allows you to pressurize the cup to help push the coating out of the fluid nozzle.”

Disposable Smart Cups are also offered as an accessory, which boost productivity by eliminating the need for clean-up.

The FPro G gun series won a Visionary Award at the 2021 AWFS Fair. Guns in the series sell for $440 to $595, depending on the setup.

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This article was originally published in the October 2021 issue.

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