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Safety Speed rolls out new screw-pocket machine model

Safety Speed Mfg., a provider of panel-processing equipment, introduced a new screw-pocket machine, model SPM301HD, featuring a direct-drive, continuous-duty electric-spindle motor for repetitive jobs in high-production facilities.

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“The key benefit of our pocket-hole product line is superior mechanical performance versus other models on the market, which are generally air-driven to create the pocket and pilot hole,” company president Brian Donahue says. “Now, with the HD model, the cutting performance of the spindle motor can’t be matched. It’s the same motor seen on high-end CNC equipment, very industrial and heavy duty for a customer with high production.

“With [our] original SPM301 machine, we found our customers wanted to run it more than three to four hours a day. They wanted to run it eight hours a day or more, so that’s why we developed and implemented the CNC spindle motor into the HD model.”

The machine’s design allows the pilot hole and pocket to be cut at the same time, completing the process in less than a second per pocket without sacrificing cut quality, according to the company.

“The six-degree screw pilot hole and pocket created by our system makes for a very strong joint and requires less clamping when assembling than other methods of joinery,” Donahue says.

Other features include a built-in analog depth gauge and access from the top of the machine for quick bit changes. The machine requires standard 220-volt power and 30 cfm of compressed air at 80 psi.

The SPM301HD retails for $6,999 and is manufactured in the U.S.

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This article originally appeared in the August 2017 issue.

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