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Rockler offers upgrades with new CNC line

Rockler Tools and Hardware expanded its offerings of CNC machines to include four AutoRoute models manufactured by Axiom Precision.

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These machines are considered an upgrade over benchtop, entry-level CNC machines, according to the company. Rockler also sells a series of CNC Shark machines.

“We introduced the really first consumer-based CNC into the woodworking market and it’s been enormously successful over the years and this is just an expansion of that product line,” Rockler vice president of product marketing Steve Krohmer says. “The Axiom is a perfect extension of that baseline CNC we have and we’re looking at technology as a broad category that is making its way into the workshop these days.”

The AutoRoute models include the 4 Basic, 4 Pro, 6 Pro and 8 Pro that have different table sizes. They are capable of producing signs, reproducing images and fabricating parts, according to Rockler.

Product manager Doug Wright says customers who purchased the CNC Shark in the past and now want to invest more money and do larger projects with their business will see the Axiom machines as an upgrade from their original one.

“With these machines, as you go up the chain of models you increase your table size,” product manager Doug Wright says. “The line starts with a 2’x2’ table size (4 Basic) and expands up to a 2’x4’ table size (8 Pro) so you’re ultimately quadrupling the workspace you have available to you. So, obviously, larger projects would be in the scope of a larger machine.

“Also, the new models operate with a liquid-cooled, Electro Spindle router, which runs at much cooler temperatures for much longer times and a much quieter decibel level, which makes it a little more tolerable to be around.”

The AutoRoute models also feature rigid steel frames and interlocking aluminum tables compatible with T-track accessories. An onboard USB port allows users to input operating programs with a flash drive.

The models range in price from $3,999 to $6,499. The operating software and drivers are sold separately.

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This article originally appeared in the April 2015 issue.

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