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Rockler debuts its first air filter unit

Rocker Woodworking and Hardware has brought its first air filtration unit to the market, calling it the Dust Right 1200. The ceiling unit can be set to run continuously or for a set amount of time, removing up to 98 percent of 5-micron particulate and 85 percent of 1-micron particulate, according to the company.

Rockler's Dust Right 1200.

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"This unit is designed for dust that gets airborne and a dust collector isn't going to pick up. It is especially helpful for dealing with particulate matter generated from a random orbital sander or belt sander where you can only pick up so much," says Dan Banasik, Rockler's product development manager.

"We evaluated a certain price range for a small workshop environment and thought we could come out with a product with more features and benefits than some of the competition."

The unit features a three-speed 1/3-hp motor and filters up to 1,185 cubic feet per minute, completely cycling the air in a 20' x 20' room in less than three minutes, according to the company.

The model includes a remote control that allows you to run it continuously or on a timer setting in increments of two, four, six or eight hours. The unit can be easily hung from the ceiling joists, saving needed space in the smaller shop.

Other features include all-steel construction with a durable finish, tool-free filter changes and four top-mounted eyelets for installation from joists. The company says the unit does not affect ambient room temperature. It sells for about $330.

Contact: Rockler Woodworking and Hardware, 4365 Willow Dr., Medina, MN 55340. Tel: 800-279-4441.

This article originally appeared in the February 2011 issue.

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