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Rockler adds spring-loaded bar clamps

A) Rockler bar clamp

Rockler Woodworking & Hardware has introduced spring-loaded, ‘one-handed’ bar clamps that close with a single squeeze of a trigger.

“These styles of clamps are great for holding things down. They go from wide open to fully closed in an instant, and it’s very convenient. We like to say it’s like a third hand. With these you hit the button, squeeze it once and its tight,” senior director of product developer Dan Wenning tells Woodshop News.

The clamps have a single-finger release trigger that activates a patented spring mechanism. Wenning says the release trigger can also be feathered to ease the jaws shut for more delicate applications. They are big help with cabinet assemblies, according to Wenning.

“They’re also good for installing trim on a cabinet. I did this with a big piece, over 6’ long. As you’re adjusting the miter on the left side, you can take this across the face and quickly slide the clamp with your arm all the way and snap the button. You don’t have to worry about aligning or squeezing. It’s great for positioning pieces.”

The clamps are available in 6” and 10” versions, selling for $19.99 and $22.99, respectively.

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This article was originally published in the May 2022 issue.

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