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Robland’s new HX310 Pro features mortising unit


The Robland HX310 Pro, available from Martin Machinery, is a five-function machine featuring a 57” sliding table saw, molder/shaper, 12” planer and jointer, and mortising attachment that’s well suited for shops with limited space.

“After using the saw to cut your boards or panel stock, you can move to the other side of the machine and use the jointer or very simply lift the tables to expose the planer, and finally, use the shaper to add detail to any part of your work. If you have doors or use mortise and tenon joints, you can easily attach the mortising unit to the side of the planer and make the joints for assembly,” says Jody Shepard, Robland product manager for Martin Machinery.

Each of the three main functions are powered by an independent motor, selected by a rotary switch. The shaper features a 1-1/4” spindle.

The saw comes with an outrigger table on a telescopic arm and separate miter fence with an eccentric clamp.

The planer/jointer can be fitted with a straight knife, Tersa or spiral cutterhead.

Another option is a hand wheel with a mechanical readout to set the spindle height and planer thickness.

The HX310 Pro with a three-phase motor, spiral cutterhead, mobile base and hand wheel upgrade sells for $9,090. It’s available as a four-function machine, without the mortising attachment, starting at $8,320.

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This article was originally published in the March 2021 issue.

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