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Rikon adds power to Deluxe band saw

Rikon Power Tools redesigned its 14” Deluxe band saw, model 10-326, to include a more powerful 1-3/4-hp motor.

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“We increased the power and torque in this model for bigger cutting operations,” product manager Ron Burrow says. “Our previous model had a good ability to resaw at 13” with a 1-1/2-hp motor, but competition has driven that horsepower up to 1-3/4, so we are offering the same. It’s great for kerf cutting, resawing, pre-rounding of bowl blanks for turners. There are a lot of good applications for that higher horsepower.

“We’ve also gone to a toolless, spring-loaded design for guide bearings, making it easier to adjust all of your guide bearings for a blade change. And we increased the size of the table to 21-1/2” x 15-3/4” and changed it from aluminum alloy to cast iron for sturdiness.”

Rikon has also increased the height of the rip fence and resaw bar to 6” for added support.

Other features include upper and lower ball-bearing blade guides, fine depth-of-cut adjustment and an easier-to-read inch scale. There’s also a 115-volt outlet on the back of the saw and an enclosed base for storage.

Model 10-326 sells for $999.99. Optional accessories include a mobile base, T-slot miter gauge and zero-clearance inserts.

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This article originally appeared in the November 2016 issue.

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