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Rikon adds DVR motor as  accessory to 14” band saws


Rikon showed a ‘smart’ band saw at IWF 201, featuring Sriatech’s Digital Variable Reluctance (DVR) motor.

The motor, available as an accessory or upgrade on most of Rikon’s 14” band saws, allows the saw to maintain its torque throughout the entire cutting operation, according to Rikon’s Joe Taylor.

“For the end-user it allows them flexibility to adjust motor speeds based on cutting applications, whether they’re for wood, metal, non-ferrous metal, plastics and composites,” says Taylor.

“It allows them to do it on the fly by having multiple presets on the control box that have been pre-determined to be within the optimum speed range. You can also adjust speed on your own in between those settings.”

Another benefit is quiet, vibration-free operation, according to Taylor.

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This article originally appeared in the October 2018 issue.

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