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RazorGage adds Face Frame Scribe tool


RazorGage offers the new Face Frame Scribe for AutoList as an accessory to its ST and AT automatic saw measuring systems, a tool to manually scribe face frame location lines for faster assembly.

“This new accessory makes face frame assembly faster, minimizes mistakes and rework while reducing the skill level required of the assembler,” says product manager Steve Hoshor.

“Shops that are using one of the many cabinet design software packages that output the RazorGage RZG file with scribe locations can add the Face Frame Scribe to their RazorGage positioner. This allows them to scribe face frame location lines to their cut parts, so they know where to join them after they’re done cutting the parts. Prior to the development of the Face Frame Scribe, the only option shop owners had to scribe their face frame location lines was to invest in a more expensive saw system, which many could not justify.”

When using the tool, the Autolist screen calculates optimal cutting solutions to maximize yield on the material. AutoList can be mapped to cutlist layouts and quantities can be multiplied depending on applications as entered by the end-user, according to the company.

Pricing for the Face Frame Scribe varies based on setup requirements and the type of RazorGage it is connected to.

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This article was originally published in the January 2022 issue.

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