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RazorGage adds an entry-level stop gauge

RazorGage has added the MiniTouch, a new automated stop gauge for entry-level tasks that includes the high-end mechanical features introduced on its CNC-level equipment. The MiniTouch features a 4" x 6" multiple-menu color touch screen that significantly reduces data entry errors and setup time for the equipment operator, according to the company.

The saw stop end of the RazorGage system.

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The RazorGage is a linear positioning system designed for shops of all sizes that want to cut parts out of long stock to length. The system works as an alternative to making cuts by manually measuring with a tape measure and visually positioning parts. For the last five years, the original RazorGage product has shipped with a PC running Windows XP Pro, says Steve Hoshor, the company's director of sales and marketing.

"We've created a product that is more entry level that can be easily upgraded to the PC, but just has the basic functions. If people aren't going to download cut lists or use the advanced functions available on the PC, they can use the MiniTouch for more of an entry-level application."

The MiniTouch increases accuracy by eliminating fatigue from cutting repetition, handwriting transfer mistakes and visual lineup inconsistencies where even slight variations could be disastrous to a project because it won't be accurate.

"With the MiniTouch, you punch in the length, then hit 'go,' the board is just put against the stop and then cut and it will be consistent every time," says Hoshor.

The traditional RazorGage with the PC allows woodworkers to take the process one step further. Instead of punching in part lists to the saw screen on the MiniTouch, they can use their cabinet software or Excel spreadsheet and download the list to the machine. The operator doesn't have to type in the length because it's all done automatically. That model also improves yield and productivity because it eliminates key strokes and optimizes as well, explains Hoshor.

"There are other manufacturers of saw stops, but the RazorGage is the only one in this price range that is really built like a machine tool. It's extremely reliable and extremely accurate. The control options are the bells and whistles."

The MiniTouch is available in working lengths up to 44'. The 8' length version is most common for cabinetmakers and sells for $5,450. If at any time the owner of a MiniTouch unit wishes to upgrade to networking and optimizing, the conversion to the Windows XP Pro PC platform with full 15-inch touch screen is a plug-and-play process.

Contact: RazorGage Inc., 57006 241st St., Ames, IA 50010. Tel: 515-232-3188.

This article originally appeared in the July 2010 issue.

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