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Quick jobs are key to Oliver workstation

Oliver Machinery debuted its new model 9000 multi-joint workstation at IWF 2010 in August, a stationary joint machining center featuring jigs for dovetail, mortise-and-tenon, finger and other custom joinery.

"Back in the day, a woodworker would use wooden mallets and chisels, and there are still guys out there that do that, but this is just a more modern way of doing the same thing, but quicker," says product manager Dan Shaw.

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"The machine has scales, clamps and everything on it. So if you're working with boards of the same dimension, you slide your board down to the clamp, lock it into place, machine your dovetail and when you're done, you simply release pressure, remove the board and slide another one in to repeat the process."

The workstation uses a router that attaches to the underside of the table's carriage. Oliver offers the machine with a Triton router, which Shaw says mounts well to the table, but just about any plunge router brand can be used.

A foot-operated pedal and four air cylinders actuate the router's plunge action, while the table's vertical movement rides on a chrome rod and bearing system.

The machine sells for $3,585 with the router and $3,335 without.

Contact: Oliver Machinery, 6902 S. 194th St., Kent, WA 98032. Tel: 800-559-5065.

This article originally appeared in the October 2010 issue.

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