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Production Machinery and Accessories

HIGH-PERFORMANCE CARTRIDGE FILTERS, from American Fabric Filter Co., are replacement-cartridge filter elements for baghouses and dust collectors.

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The replacement cartridges fit most OEM units and are manufactured to the OEM specifications or higher. Cartridge filters provide a very large filter surface area within a compact package and are especially effective in air filtration applications with confined space, according to the company. Contact: American Fabric Filter Co. Tel: 800-367-3591.

MULTICAM has introduced its new 3000 Series nested-based CNC router for cabinetmaking and other woodworking applications. The machine features an all-steel, heavy plate frame base, 25mm linear bearings and custom-engineered steel castings supporting the gantry. A wide range of table sizes are available and an 11-hp, automatic tool change, 100 percent duty-cycle spindle is standard along with a 15-spindle, 32mm drill bank and scoring saw. All 3000 series come standard with the MultiCam EZ Control System featuring a handheld operator interface. Contact: MultiCam. Tel: 972-929-4070.

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XP "EXTREME PERFORMANCE" TOOLING SERIES from Vortex Tool Co. is the result of extensive testing performed at the company on its own CNC test router. The company states it tested nearly 100 different tool configurations and routed more than 40,000 lineal feet and was able to increase tool life 10-to-1 over current tool technology. Vortex is currently building inventory on many of its most popular tool sizes and has begun filling orders for customers. The new XP series will be designated by the standard part number followed by "XP" and is available in the most popular two flute compression geometries only. Contact: Vortex Tool Co. Tel: 800-355-7708.

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WOODMASTER TOOLS has launched a new website dedicated to its line of molding knives at It offers access to more than 700 stock pattern knives, custom knives, how-to videos, shop tips and more. "We now make knives for virtually any molding machine," says Woodmaster president Will Johnson. "Our big breakthrough is launching a dedicated website that makes online shopping and ordering of molding knives fast, easy and secure." Contact: Woodmaster Tools Inc. 800-821-6651.

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This article originally appeared in the September 2010 issue.

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