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Prestige super fine dado set

Prestige super fine dado set, from Amana Tools, produces flat-bottom cuts both with and across the grain, according to the company.

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The set features tool-steel plates and D-10 carbide teeth. The 8” diameter, 24-tooth outside blades feature ATB grind geometry with every sixth tooth ground flat for efficient chip removal. Each tooth body also features an anti-kickback design to help prevent overfeeding. It has six four-wing chippers with a standard width capacity of 1/4” to 29/32”, though adjustments can be made in 1/32” increments. Finer adjustments, as small as .002”, can be made using the supplied shim set. Amana says this dado set accommodates today’s undersized plywoods. Contact: Amana Tools. Tel: 800-445-0077.

This article originally appeared in the July 2011 issue.

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