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Powermatic revamps 18-inch drill press

After a well-received introduction at IWF 2012, Powermatic has brought its PM2800B 18” drill press to market. Designed for any type of drilling operation required by cabinet and furniture makers, the redesign incorporates a host of time-saving features, according to the company.

The updated Powermatic 18" drill press, model PM2800B, features 6" of quill travel with one full turn of the hand wheel.

“What we’ve tried to do is make things very intuitive with this drill press, which is a bit of a workhorse in the shop. The most important feature is its variable speed because you never have to touch the belt; you just basically turn the hand wheel to get to the desired speed and that speed comes out on the digital readout on the front of the machine,” says product manager Joan Duvall.

The drill press has a 1-hp, single-phase, 15-amp motor prewired for 115 volts, providing a spindle speed range of 250 to 3,000 rpm. The spindle has a 6” range of travel with a maximum distance of 25-1/2” to the table.

“We made sure to have six inches of quill travel with a single revolution of the hand wheel. This makes it much easier to do a project with one hand and still get the hole you desire,” says Duvall.

There are two LED lights to illuminate the work area, while twin lasers mark the drill bit’s location.

The cast-iron table measures 20” x 14” and tilts to 90 degrees. The supplied fence features two cam locks and an adjustable stop.

The drill press weighs 246 lbs. and stands 71” tall. It retails for about $1,400.

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This article originally appeared in the February 2013 issue.

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