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Powermatic adds new table saw to lineup

Powermatic has added the PM1000 table saw, offering many of the same features found on the company’s PM2000 and PM3000 table saws, with the added benefit of operating off 115-volt service.

Powermatic's PM1000 table saw.

“We see the PM1000 as the bridge for woodworkers who want to move up to a cabinet saw,” says product manager Joan Duvall. “It’s loaded with features and meets the historic Powermatic gold standard in performance and value. It’s the right choice for woodworkers wanting to upgrade their current saw without overtaxing their woodworking budgets.”

The 10” PM1000 is available in two models with cast-iron tables and extensions. Model 1791000K offers a 30” rip capacity and model 1791001K has a 52” rip capacity.

Both models feature a blade guard assembly and riving knives to help reduce kickback. They also feature a 1-3/4-hp, single-phase induction motor and a Poly-V belt drive system for a smooth transfer of power and reduced vibration, according to the company.

Other features include an oversized push-button on/off switch below the table top, which has a removable magnetic key to avoid unauthorized use of the saw. The saw’s cabinet base is fully enclosed with a 4” dust port at the rear and a hinged motor cover for easy access. Two 7” chrome-plated and cast-iron hand wheels allow the user to set the blade height and bevel, while a push-button arbor lock allows blade changes to be made with an included single wrench.

The saw’s T-slot channels on either side of the blade support the supplied 60-degree miter gauge with preset detents at 0, 30 and 45 degrees. A pair of expander mechanisms in the gauge’s guide bar helps eliminate side-to-side play in the T-slot, plus the guide bar has a disk that engages the channel to prevent it from lifting during a cut, according to the company.

The saw also comes with Powermatic’s Accu-Fence. The face can be adjusted vertically to ride flush with the tabletop surface or rise just above it.

The 30” model sells for $1,999.99, while the 52” version costs $2,099.99. Both are covered by the Powermatic’s five-year warranty.

Contact: Powermatic. Tel: 800-274-6848.

This article originally appeared in the October 2013 issue.

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