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Pillar Machine revamps CMJ coping machine

Known for its ability to perform chip-free coping or tenoning, the CMJ coping machine was introduced by Accu-Systems in 2011. Pillar Machine bought the rights and redesigned the machine, adding a side clamp, better spindle parts and a more rigid structure.

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Pillar Machine president and CEO Jeff Hatch says the operating process saves end-users time profiling parts before coping.

The CMJ features two counter-rotating, independent vertical spindles. One spindle clears the leading edge of the rail, while the second processes the remainder of the part’s width.

“This does end-coping for top and bottom rail ends on doors and for mid rails. The benefit is that you can pre-profile your material through a molder and a get a tear-out-free cope from this machine. That pre-profiling saves a ton of time in the process and you can have two rails done in about eight seconds,” Hatch says.

The CMJ manual model sells for $19,500. The addition of an automatic tool changer and HKS spindles brings the price to about $40,000.

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This article originally appears in the March 2017 issue.

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