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PaintLine adds options for ProDryingRack


PaintLine is introducing the ProDryingRack EX Plus, an expandable rack system that features 15 removable shelves and up to 180” of horizontal rack space.

“With the new PDREX Plus Series, custom cabinet shops will be able to configure a rack that fits the needs of their shop and modify or add rack sections as those needs change. Each PDREX rack section can be independently adjusted in width/horizontal capacity and number of shelves. This is great for finishing, drying, production and parts sorting,” says company president Kyle Robinson.

The series is built on the company’s PDREX two-towered base rack, connected with an adjustable cross brace that stretches the rack from 20” to 60” in width. One or two towers can be added to the base rack and as part of the Plus Series, PaintLine offers the three-towered PDREX3 and four-towered PDREX4.

Each base rack has 15 removable shelves or levels – 1”-diamater, 30” steel tubes – that can hold up to 60 lbs. apiece.

“If you need more than the 3” of usable space between the levels, just remove levels until you have the room you need,” the company explains. “Each tower includes 6” locking casters and anti-torque stabilizers for rolling the entire rack to the desired shop area even under load.”

The base rack sells for $575. The PDREX3 and PDREX4 will sell for approximately $1,100 and $1,500, respectively.

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