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Ott edgebanders available from NuTek Machinery

Ott’s Storm+.

Ott’s Storm+.

Ott edgebanders are now available from NuTek Machinery, the Austria manufacturer’s North America distributor in Bedford, Ohio. Ott edgebanders can process EVA and PUR glues, and include the Pacific, Tornado+, Storm+, StrongEdge and TopEdge models.

“My personal favorite that has the most flexibility would be the Storm+, and that’s the unit we’re bringing into the U.S. for our showroom,” says NuTek’s president Rob Young.

“The Storm+ is the first machine in the line size-wise that allows us to put the Transtart Fence automation unit optional feature onto the front of the machine. What that is, if a board is fed in crooked or at an angle, it will basically force the board against the fence so it goes in parallel and will provide a perfect edge.”

Ott edgebanders also feature the Combimelt gluing system that simplifies the changing of glue pots and hoppers, plus a dry storage system for heated PUR glue to be kept up to seven days. The company’s patented Glue Pot drive system mounts above the glue pot, eliminating the issue of glue contamination on the drive shafts and motors.

“Every edgebander in the line is based on the Combimelt system, so it comes down to whether the customer wants to use EVA glue or PUR glue for zero glue line,” says Young.

Ott’s edgebanders start at $125,000.

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