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Organize edge banding with the Edge Butler


The Pinske Edge presents the Edge Butler, available as a rolling cart for storing individual rolls of edge banding.

Company founder Tom Pinske developed the product in 2020 as a solution to downtime while switching between band options.

“I was in Baton Rouge, Louisiana with a cabinetry/millwork customer last year and he asked me if I could make him something to hold the edge banding. In most shops, the edge banding is either on a rack or hangs on a wall, and when they take it off the machine, they either have to put Velcro or tape around it, then store it, then take the next roll down. That takes a lot of time,” says Pinske.

“So, my first thought was some sort of a hanger on a stand, and that’s what got me going. I made one or two prototypes first before I got it figured out.”

The Edge Butler can store 10 to 20 rolls, depending on the model selected, on 13” or 16” diameter hangers. The hangers, called ‘butlers’ in the product descriptions, are suitable for all banding rolls from 0.5 to 3 mm thick. They are also available in three widths - standard, wide and extra wide - to accommodate material widths.

The Edge Butler won a Visionary New Product Award at the AWFS Fair in July.

The Edge Butler, model 9700, with 10 13” butlers, sells for $890.

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This article was originally published in the November 2021 issue.

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