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Oneida offers gated tee joint with magnetic lock


Oneida Air Systems has recently added the Quick-Clamp Gated Tee Joint Kit to its line of dust collection innovations.

Built specifically for use with high-pressure systems such as Oneida’s Supercell Dust Collector, and compatible with Quick-Clamp ductwork, the tee joint fitting has a magnetic feature that allows end-users to split off from their main duct line to nearby tools quickly, easily and safely, according to the company.

“What’s exciting about the tee joint itself is it has a magnetic locking brake for holding the gate open or closed. Thumbscrews on traditional blast gates are a pain. With this magnetic blast gate, just move the gate to where you want it, and it stays in position automatically,” says Michelle Kelley, Oneida’s public relations manager.

The components are made from static dissipative polyethylene, a resin which enhances safety by reducing the risk of shock. Made of one solid molded piece, it also eliminates the potential for air leaks from seams and welds that could result with the powerful air force of a high-pressure system, according to Kelly.

The kit includes one Gated Tee Joint, one 4” to 2.5” reducer, and one 4” to 1.5” reducer. It sells for $139.

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This article was originally published in the February 2022 issue.

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