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Oneida Air introduces Supercell dust collector

 The Supercell with a 35-gallon waste drum in a shop application.

 The Supercell with a 35-gallon waste drum in a shop application.

Oneida Air Systems presents its new wall-mounted Supercell dust collector with HEPA filtration. Company president Robert Witter says the collector’s compact design and high suction power give it the versatility to adapt to today’s wide range of machines on the market - from portable, benchtop tools, like a table saw, to a stationary lunchbox planer or even a small CNC router.


“The Supercell is the first and only dust collector on the market that combines incredibly high-pressure suction with high volume air movement to effectively collect dust through ports ranging all the way from 1” to 5”. It’s the only dust collection system most smaller woodworking shops will need,” says Witter.

The collector can support up to 100 feet of industrial hose or ducting, including small diameter ducting due to its great amount of static pressure, according to Whitter.

“With the Supercell, a 4” duct can be run around the perimeter of the shop with plug-and-play connections wherever the tools are located or are frequently used. Also, because the Supercell operates at such high pressure, it can accommodate simultaneous operation of up to three tools with 1” to 2.5” ports.”

The Supercell is available with 14-, 35- or 55-gallon drum options. All three packages include the collector, waste container, HEPA filter, steel wall mounting bracket, magnetic starter, wireless remote, liner bag gripping system, and ducting kit. It has a base price of $2,395 with a 14-gallon drum.

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This article originally appeared in the August 2019 issue.

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