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Oneida adds 5-hp version of Smart Dust Collector

Oneida Air Systems introduced its new 5-hp, high-vacuum Smart Dust Collector in May. Primarily designed for CNC applications, it uses patented Oneida Smart Technology to provide roughly twice the static pressure of standard collectors and pull maximum CFM from the cutterhead, according to the company.

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Product manager Mark Schreiber says the collector’s increased suction performance provides higher quality cuts, longer increased cutter life it and lessens cleanup.

“We’ve developed this to give more airflow to those high-airflow applications like CNC machines that typically have a small port,” Schreiber says. “The Smart system recognizes the machine it’s attached to. It has a more restrictive port and increases the airflow through that port without the end user having to adjust anything.

“If you have a longer duct run for multiple tools with longer restrictive ports, it’s able to deliver more air through a smaller line. So if [a shop] already has a ducting system installed and doesn’t want to reduce its lines, it can install this system and have more airflow.”

The collector sells for $4,743.

Contact: Oneida Air Systems. Tel: 800-732-4065.

This article originally appeared in the June 2014 issue.

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