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Omec CNC dovetail machine undergoes redesign

The Omec F11TS single-spindle CNC dovetail machine, distributed by Macoser, was redesigned to run faster and features an automatic fence, USB port, file storage capability and more tooling capabilities.

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The automatic fence gives the machine variable pitch sizing capability, eliminating the need to remove tooling for half-size and other odd-size boxes, according to product manager Paul Rhodes.

“The variable pitch is the key to the whole machine,” Rhodes says. “If you were to buy another dovetail jig or machine, you would be limited to 1” increment drawers. So if you had a cabinet that needed a 6” drawer — perfect. But if you needed a 6-1/2” drawer, you would only get a 6” or 7” drawer, not the in-between size.”

The machine has a pendulum processing feature, allowing the operator to load parts while others are already being machined. “It will do 100 drawers per hour, but nobody can feed it fast enough,” Rhodes says. “When you look at cycle time, it depends on drawer size. The machine will be constantly operating pendulum processing and you’ve always got to be feeding it.”

Male and female parts are processed simultaneously and loaded on the same side of the machine, so the operator can remain in one spot for loading.

Other features include only one mill cutter to change and touchscreen controls. The machine has a base price of about $45,000.

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