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Oliver Machinery unveils CNC dovetail machine

Oliver Machinery recently introduced a CNC dovetail machine, model 6600, to produce a range of woodworking joints. Simple to use, it has the versatility to machine dovetail, box, mortise-and-tenon joints and more.

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The operator just needs to enter the dimensions of the material, bit size and number of joints on the machine’s touchscreen control, according to product manager Luis Cano.

“It’s a fairly straightforward machine, easy to learn. It is an entirely new model machine we presented at IWF 2014. This would be for your cabinetmaker, particularly for a medium-sized or larger shop that is production-oriented,” Cano says.

A 2-hp motor drives the machine’s spindle assembly, capable of delivering up to 18,000 RPMs. It features an 18mm spindle and 36” x 34” table. It also offers auto or manual work modes.

The machine’s overall dimensions are 51” x 42” x 43”.

“It’s a pretty heavy-duty machine with a gross weight of 1,213 pounds. It’s on castors so it can be mobile as well as stationary,” Cano says.

The machine sells for $35,000.

Contact: Oliver Machinery Co. Tel: 253-867-0334.

This article originally appeared in the January 2015 issue.

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