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Odie’s Oil enhances & protects

Odysseus Cornwall’s Outstanding Oils & Waxes (OCOOW), a.k.a. Odie’s Oil line of universal wood finishes 

Odysseus Cornwall’s Outstanding Oils & Waxes (OCOOW), a.k.a. Odie’s Oil line of universal wood finishes 

Odysseus Cornwall’s Outstanding Oils & Waxes (OCOOW), a.k.a. Odie’s Oil, is a line of universal finishes for wood and numerous other surfaces created to protect users, the environment, and surfaces treated. Invented by company founder and CEO James Tinghitella, the products were developed to be food-safe and free of noxious chemicals and toxic additives, according to the company.

“Users quickly discover their versatility and ability to stabilize, waterproof and beautify wood naturally without petrochemicals. Beautification and durability are optimal because these OCOOW finishes reside inside the surface, enhancing it. Gone are the days of stripping and re-sanding,” says Tinghitella.

“Odie’s comes in small bottles, just 9 and 32 ounces, because it covers 10 to 20 times more surface area per ounce than other leading brand finishes making it more cost effective than the legacy brands.”

The products can be used alone or in conjunction with one another. The two with broadest applications are Odie’s Oil, a rub-by-hand finishing oil, and the less viscous Mr. Cornwall’s Super-Duper Oil, which can be rubbed, sprayed or rolled on, and is recommended for large surfaces such as walls and siding.

There are seven more specialized finishes, including Super-Penetrating Oil, a clear base coat, Dark Oil and Dark Wax for a warm, aged or fumed look, and butters and hard waxes that serve as final topcoats or friction polishes. There are 26 colors available, according to the company.

Tinghitella, who makes every batch at the company facility in Florida, created his first prototypes as a young teen, then further developed them over the decades as a shop owner, hardwood importer, and forestry concession owner.

“Our product is truly the world’s safest real finish suitable for every imaginable project and has always been especially made with hardcore commercial-industrial applications in mind,” he adds.

Products are available through distributors nationwide. For sources, visit  

This article was originally published in the January 2023 issue.

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