Nutek Machinery adds Ott edgebanders

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Ott edgebander

Nutek Machinery has partnered with Ott edgebanders to become its distribution, service, and parts provider in the United States.

“Ott edgebanders have been manufactured in Lambach Austria since 1963,” the companies said in a statement. “Ott edgebanders are known for their heavy-duty construction, high efficiency, and zero glue line panel production. [They] have a patented above the PUR gluepot and hopper drive system, eliminating the issue of glue contamination on the drive shafts and motors that other edgebanders experience. Ott also holds a jointly held patent with Leuco Tooling for their automatic selection of up to three profiles on their corner rounding motor. This allows for multiple profiles to be run without changing tooling or motors.”

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