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Next Wave unveils a CNC router table

The new Shark RS1000 Pro comes preloaded with  applications for over a dozen router and joinery functions.

The new Shark RS1000 Pro comes preloaded with
applications for over a dozen router and joinery functions.

Next Wave CNC introduced the new Shark RS1000 Pro at IWF 2022, which transforms a traditional router table into a two-axis CNC machine. The product’s patented technology allows the fence and router lift to move in direct relationship to the bit while providing 12” of fence travel for larger projects and 3-1/2” of available lift.

The Shark RS1000 Pro, which fits any 3-1/2” router motor, features an onboard processor and full-color touchscreen pendant control. It comes preloaded with applications for more than a dozen common router and joinery functions, including box joints, dovetails and dados.

New applications can be downloaded to the processor, according to Tim Owens, co-founder of Ne4xt Wave CNC.

“To me, router tables with quick setup have not really been available,” Owens said at IWF. “Typically, if you’re working with a router table, you think in terms of 20 minutes of added time so you tend to figure out if you can do it in a different way. With this, setup is 30 seconds to two minutes, depending on if you’re changing a bit or not.

“What you end up doing with this is finding new ways to use your router table to do jobs you might not have been able to do before, like dados and rabbets and things that might have been more difficult, or even some applications where you might have taken the material to a CNC, if there’s various cut throughs or something. Now you can do it all on your router table.”

The Shark RS1000 Pro sells for $1,699.

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This article was originally published in the October 2022 issue.

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