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Next Wave presents redesigned CNC Shark

The HD5 and laser scanner attachment.

The HD5 and laser scanner attachment.

Next Wave Automation introduced a redesigned CNC Shark at AWFS, model HD5, boasting greater capacity and several new features.

“This CNC allows a woodworker to expand their skills and creativity. It provides precision and customization options normally limited to a very few select craftsman. Inlays, complex joinery, and personalization are all easily mastered by common woodworkers with a desire to produce the perfect project. Every workshop needs one,” says company president Rudy Simondi.

The HD5 features a 28” x 36” table and XYZ travel of 25” x 25” x 7”. It can process wood, soft metals, composites and plastics.

The HD5 comes with the latest version of Vectric VCarve Desktop design software, a color pendant controller, two hold down clamps, carbide V-bit, and Next Wave’s Virtual Zero Unlimited software.


“Our patented software gives you the ability to carve over multiple planes, so the character of the wood is retained. An example would be reclaimed or weathered wood. No other competitor can offer this functionally,” Simondi says.

Other features include a heavy-duty aluminum and steel reinforced gantry, a new extruded aluminum router mount system, linear rails and guides on the gantry, and anti-backlash, wear-compensated lead screws on all axis, according to the company.

The HD5 is compatible with the Bosch 1617 and 1618; Porter Cable 890 Series, and DeWalt 610, 616 and 618 routers, all sold separately. It is also compatible with accessories available from Next Wave, including a laser, fourth axis and scanner attachments. It starts at $3,999.

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This article originally appeared in the September 2019 issue.

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