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New ‘smart’ panel saw from Safety Speed


Safety Speed presents the EF5 Tornado vertical panel saw with a brushless controlled motor that can automatically maintain the proper speed and torque for cutting jobs successfully, while also alerting the operator to machine errors or maintenance needs.

The EF5 Tornado is a continuous usage panel saw, designed for shops cutting up to eight hours a day with multiple operators, according to Safety Speed’s president, Brian Donahue.

“The servo motor is a three-phase configuration that only requires single-phase input of 120 or 220 volts,” says Donohue. “The motor’s control helps it to always maintain the proper speed and torque for cutting materials of various thicknesses, and rpm’s can easily be adjusted by the operator for different materials.

“If an operator uses the EF5 machine inappropriately or routine maintenance is needed, the motor will shut down and display an error message on the keypad so that issues can be corrected prior to encountering larger issues that can happen with standard motors. By eliminating brushes, motor life is extended compared to a standard DC motor.”

Keypad for
the EF5.

Keypad for the EF5.

The saw can crosscut up to 64” and uses an 8” blade. It’s mounted on a 10’ welded steel frame and includes chrome-plated 1-3/4” guide tubes, eight Nylatron roller bearing systems, solid aluminum material rollers, an enclosed counterweight system, thin material pressure guard, adjustable vertical and horizontal rulers, and an integrated dust collection system, according to the company.

The EF5 Tornado sells for $6,999.

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This article was originally published in the December 2021 issue.

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