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New PurTone Stain System from AkzoNobel

AkzoNobel, a provider of coatings and technologies for all wood market segments, introduced the PurTone Stain System at IWF.

The sprayed system combines improved coating technologies with a new process involving transparent color steps, which ultimately delivers the appearance of complex, multi-step wipe-stain finishes – but without the limitations of a labor-intensive wiping process, according to the company.

By using a two- or three-step coating process in a controlled manner, PurTone provides a spray-stain finish with a clear and highly defined grain. Each finish step can be applied via existing manual or automatic spray processes and can be used under a myriad of clear topcoat technologies.

“The PurTone Stain System makes a brilliant wood finish achievable for all customers,” Doug Gilliam, Commercial Director for the North American Wood Coatings business, said in a statement.

“This stain system is the next step in our offer to deliver more aesthetically pleasing wood tones with enhanced grain definition for consumers. Paired with our unmatched design and color leadership, the new system gives customers the opportunity to develop beautiful wood colors in a really efficient process.”

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