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New Products

CROSSCUT POSITIONING SYSTEM WORKLIGHT from DeWalt can be mounted on the company's DW713, DW715, DW716 and DW718 miter saws, providing users with an additional light source. The light offers a blade shadow cut line indicator, helping users to make fast and accurate cuts to materials of all widths. The worklight is powered separately so it can be used with or without blade operation. The DeWalt worklight, model DW7085, sells for $59.95. Contact: Tel: 800-433-9258. 



WENZLOFF & SONS' SAWS, available from Lee Valley, include a large and small tenon saw, and a reproduction of the Disston No. 8, a hybrid of a panel saw and a backsaw. The hybrid saw ($175) is 20" long and has a 3/16" x 1/2" deep brass back that provides additional stiffness without limiting the saw's ability to crosscut, according to Lee Valley. The large tenon saw ($165) features a 14" blade and a 1/4" brass back, while the small tenon saw ($155) is designed to cut tenon shoulders and make crossgrain cuts for dadoes and sliding dovetails, and can also be used with a miter box. Contact: Lee Valley Tools Ltd., P.O. Box 1780, Ogdensburg, NY 13669-6780. Tel: 800-871-8158.

PALM-SIZED QUARTER-SHEET ORBITAL SANDER is the smallest sander in Metabo's line. The model FSR200 produces 11,000 orbits per minute at an orbit size of 1/16", according to the company. The sander's quarter-sheet hook-and-loop pad accepts Metabo's assortment of pre-punched sandpaper. It's sold with a punch to adapt regular sandpaper. The sander retails for $59 to $69. Contact: Metabo Corp., 1231 Wilson Drive, West Chester, PA19380. Tel: 800-638-2264. 



CHOPSTIX, from J.A. Dawley Mfg., is a miter saw stop extension for safe and accurate machining of small parts. It is an after-market accessory for the company's GlideStop stop system. The ChopStix can make 90- or 45- degree cuts, thanks to the double-sided Lexan plate and adjustable handle positions. The holding arm also adjusts back and forth for a better holding position on the piece to be machined. The ChopStix is constructed of plastic components to reduce damage should the contact extension or holding arm make accidental contact with the blade. It sells for $209. Contact: J.A. Dawley Mfg. Co., 1938 Chase Road, Waterloo, N.Y. 13165. Tel: 800-808-5244. 

PROSITE 5-IN-1 COMBINATION PROTRACTOR, from the L.S. Starrett Co., provides direct readings for miter, single and compound cuts, exact angle/supplemental angles, and roof pitch references. For mitering or making single cuts for butt joints, the user adjusts the tool legs to the work surfaces, reads the angle on the dial face, and sets the miter saw to the reading. The tool also features a compound cut conversion table for cutting crown molding as it lays flat in a compound miter saw. For simultaneously determining angle readings and supplemental angles, the tool has a protractor on the reverse side. In addition, quick references to common roof pitches can be determined by aligning the tool leg to the angle lines on the roof pitch scale. The 12" tool is constructed of 1/4" aluminum and sells for about $90. Contact: L.S. Starrett Company. Tel: 800-541-8887. 


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